Automated Retail Support for the Changing Customer Experience

We wrote recently about the rise in automated retail and its growing importance to the post-COVID-19 retail industry.

Automated channels enable brands to give more convenience to customers and meet them where they’re at. In turn, this can result in a better customer experience as you anticipate needs that shoppers didn’t even know they had!

For instance, Best Buy Express vending machines offer items such as headphones and digital storage to travellers at airports. Other kiosks offer fresh salads to office workers.

In the post-COVID-19 world, automated retail can also expand to PPE (personal protective equipment). Who keeps your hand sanitizer stations filled? If you sell face masks, are they convenient for customers to access as needed?

The range of possibilities can span as far as your imagination; for instance, one vending machine offers clean socks to bowlers at bowling alleys.

However, to achieve these possibilities, you need one thing: support!

That is where we come in. At Storesupport Canada, we’ve recently launched new solutions that allow brands and retailers to be more ADAPT-able. This includes automated retail support for the changing customer experience.

We make it easy for you to break into a new market. Here’s how.

Inventory Support

Vending machines, micro-markets, kiosks, hand sanitizer stations, and more still need to be stocked. While some vending machines are smart and can keep track of inventory levels for you, not all can do so.

And even with the smart machines, you still need resources to supply the inventory when it is low.

These solutions can help with both.

  • Stock replenishment – refill your automated retail stations quickly and nationally.
  • Inventory management – we keep track of your inventory and optimize its usage across channels and locations.
  • Staff training – if you have your own resources managing inventory, they may need training. We can provide that.

Education Support

Automated retail is still relatively new – both for staff and for customers. We have found that it’s helpful to have additional education in place, particularly when launching a new location.

  • Customer education – we will help customers use your solutions, such as visiting a micro-market for the first time. This can significantly boost the customer experience.
  • Staff training – we provide support to your staff on learning the layout of automated retail locations, like an automated restaurant.
  • Customized support – have a question or need help otherwise? Let us know!

Location and Strategy Support

Because of our vast experience across the country, we can also help brands brainstorm possibilities for new automated retail channels and locations.

We can help you evaluate spaces, types of retail solutions, available resources, and beyond.

Looking to get started in automated retail but don’t know where to begin? Get in touch!

Even with automated retail, you still need people support. Storesupport Canada can provide that nationally so you can tap into this growing trend at scale.

These solutions give you more flexibility and omnichannel resilience that puts control in your hands. They expand your possibilities to be where your customers are, even outside of the store.

Get in touch today to get started. Call 1-877-421-5081 or visit

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