Bell Let’s Talk

Canada is home to many brands where trends come and go in the blink of an eye. One brand that has stood out since 2010 is Bell and its initiative, Bell Let’s Talk. It has garnered the attention of lots of people in the domain of mental health and service, not only improving Bell’s advocacy but also playing a role in destigmatizing mental health.

Many people associate Bell with the way they provide their services. This has motivated Bell to announce a larger donation than any other year in the campaign’s history. This year, Bell has donated an additional $10 million towards their goal of $155 million, which raises their total amount to $139 million, according to the National Post. 

The Power of the Initiative

Bell Let’s Talk is an annual initiative by Bell Canada, and it started with the goal of promoting mental health and removing the stigma associated with it. The initiative, now in its fourteenth year, is still stronger than ever, with millions of people interacting with Bell Let’s Talk hashtags and sharing their own personal experiences and challenges they encountered in their mental health journey. Bell’s Let’s Talk initiative has now morphed into a nationwide movement, raising many funds for mental health programs across Canada.

Thanks to Bell’s efforts, a notable improvement has been seen across Canadians. 87% of people are aware of mental health issues than they were five years ago, and 65% believe that the stigma around mental health has decreased, according to 

Optimizing for Initiative

Initiatives like these involve actively participating in conversations and creating a supportive environment for both customers and employees. Many companies have adopted this concept and have now started incorporating mental health awareness into their corporate culture and in the way they sell their products.

This is also due to the rising customer demand and preferences. The Ogilvy Wellness Gap Study finds that 77% of people globally say how a brand contributes to wellness is very important to them when it comes to buying decisions. Also, more than 67% of consumers believe that brands should raise awareness around these issues on their social platforms.

By aligning with commitments like Bell Let’s Talk, retailers have the opportunity to become proactive in their social responsibilities and resonate with socially conscious consumers. It’s also a way for brands to differentiate themselves in a competitive market.

This is also beneficial for employees, brand recognition, and customers. Mary Deacon, the chair of Bell Let’s Talk, firmly believes, ” I would not have come to Bell if I did not absolutely believe that there was a genuine, authentic commitment to making a difference.”


What sets Bell apart is its long-term campaign strategy to promote mental health awareness. Year after year, more and more people started recognizing and resonating with Bell’s objectives. Importantly, Mary Deacon, chair of Bell Let’s Talk, firmly believes “Bell chose the right issue at the right time.”

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