In late April, our corporate headquarters underwent a relocation after a decade in the same office building, prompting a much-needed refresh of our space. Taking charge of this endeavor, I embarked on a quest to explore current trends in décor and design, a task I hadn’t tackled since my home relocation in 2021.

My first stop was Bouclair, a Canadian retailer known for its variety and style. Walking into their newly renovated local store, I was immediately struck by the dramatic transformation. The once-familiar interior now boasts sleek black walls that accent contemporary lighting and fixtures, creating an inviting ambiance. The store’s carefully curated colour palette, a hallmark of Bouclair, enhanced the allure of its modern and fresh displays.

Impressed by what I saw, I decided to purchase several furniture pieces to revamp our front entrance. Although delivery to our offices was an option, the store recommended placing the order at the nearest location to my offices for faster delivery. To my delight, they even extended a discount from a recent weekend sale, ensuring a satisfying customer experience.

Eager to finalize my order I hurried to the next store only to find it retained the old concept style. The stark contrast surprised me. The merchandise failed to exude the same appeal as in its renovated counterpart. This experience left me pondering the potential impact of store makeovers on sales.  Products looked different and they did not have the same appeal as in the renovated store I had just encountered.  Though the products were ostensibly the same, they did not appear this way. In one instance, when I was presented with an item I had chosen to purchase in the previous store, I even questioned whether it was the same item.  The difference in ambience between the two stores truly translated to a difference in customer experience and, even, my perception of their products.

In conclusion, I extend my gratitude to Bouclair for the excellent experience. From a consumer standpoint, the new store environment is truly impressive, showcasing the brand’s commitment to innovation and style.

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