Canadian Retail Innovator of the Month: Fortinos–The Most Amazing Store in Burlington

Normally, when we announce our Canadian Retail Innovator of the Month, we focus on manufacturers innovating at retail. This month we decided to tip our hat to a brand that, as a retailer, goes above and beyond to delight customers and promote brand loyalty. Who are we talking about? Fortinos.

If you have not had the pleasure to visit one of Fortinos newer locations it is clear they were designed with the customer in mind. In fact, we wrote a piece about the Bolton store just last month because its presence is a great example of both a retail success story and a major retail failure. You can read that blog here:

Fortinos exemplifies the concept of innovation. The new store format includes:

  • A massive counter of freshly prepared foods
  • A pizza bar, coffee bar, noodle bar and more
  • A place where you can take a break and reload while completing your errands
  • The seafood counter with a wide and diverse product range
  • Charcuterie section offering a huge variety of meats and cheeses
  • Large, impeccably stocked fresh produce section
  • An expanded natural health section
  • An updated pharmacy
  • New wine and beer aisle with a good selection of Ontario and imported products
  • An incredible bakery with an in-store Montreal bagel oven and fresh bread made in the store
  • A beautiful flower shop
  • Expansive, inviting checkout area
  • Decreased self-checkout section

Being a Bolton resident, I can confirm that the community is buzzing about the way this store is providing a next-level grocery shopping experience. From design to their choice of colours, everything in this store has been made with the customer experience in mind.

Reading this you could think they paid me to write it. They did not. They simply are knocking it out of the park, and I happen to be their customer. Visiting this store is not something to dread amid errands, instead Fortinos has created a destination that the customer can look forward to.

So, Fortinos, we salute you for an A1 job modernizing and innovating your store!

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