How Canadian Tire is Driving Innovation

Canadian Tire has earned a reputation as one of Canada’s most beloved retail companies, having been around for over 100 years. Since first opening its doors to the public, Canadian Tire has continuously adapted and evolved to meet the changing needs of Canadian consumers. One of the many ways the retail giant has accomplished this is by making strategic partnerships with other established brands and creating a store-within-a-store experience for its customers. This model allows Canadian Tire to expand its product offerings and enables them to become the be-all and end-all for Canadian consumers.

One of the most significant partnerships Canadian Tire has entered into is with Petco. Petco is a US-based pet supply retailer that broke ground back in 1965. In 2019, Canadian Tire announced that it was partnering with Petco to open a series of stores within stores across Canada. Earlier this year, in light of continued success, Petco revealed that a significant expansion is in the works.

Canadian Tire’s legacy as an admired go-to retailer for living, playing, fixing, automotive and seasonal products has cemented them as a household name in Canadian homes. Through our exclusive expanded partnership with Canadian Tire, we’re growing awareness of — and access to — Petco’s health and wellness products within Canada’s dynamic and rapidly growing pet market,” said Petco’s Chief Merchandising Officer, Amy College.

Canadian Tire’s integration of Party City is another successful and innovative example of the store-within-a-store model. In 2019, Canadian Tire announced it would purchase all Party City stores in Canada to the tune of $175 million. Similar to the Petco pairing, the Party City partnership allows Canadian Tire to expand its party supply presence and offer shoppers more than ever. Canadian Tire’s partnerships with Petco and Party City are just two examples of its commitment to innovation. If there’s one constant in the company’s long and storied history, it’s that Canadian Tire is constantly searching for new ways to improve the shopping experience.

The company is also known for heavily investing in technology to enhance the shopping experience for consumers and even created a mobile app that allows customers to browse products, check prices, and make purchases from their smartphones. Canadian Tire’s commitment to innovation has been so profound that in 2016, it was named one of “Canada’s Most Innovative Companies” by Canadian Business and is continuously praised by Retail Insider as one of “Canada’s Best-Managed Businesses” year after year. Furthermore, it was recently awarded the title of “Canada’s Most Respected General Merchandise Retailer” by

On the whole, Canadian Tire is a retail innovator committed to providing Canadian consumers with a one-stop shop for all their needs. Its partnerships with Petco and Party City and ever-evolving commitment to the store-within-a-store model is a win for Canadian consumers. Additionally, Canadian Tire aims to provide customers with a broader range of options to save them time and money. As Canadian consumers continue to demand more from their retailers, Canadian Tire’s commitment to innovation will ensure its continued success by keeping one eye fixed on tomorrow without losing sight of what’s happening in-store today.


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