Consumer Preferences – Making Vegan Products More Accessible

Veganism is becoming increasingly popular in Canada.

Recent Google data shows a 113% spike in plant-based and vegan-related searches in Canada since 2016.

Whether it’s for the health benefits of a vegan diet or the environmental and ethical impacts of reducing animal consumption, consumer preferences are placing a stronger emphasis on vegan products.

The good news is that brands and retailers recognize these preferences and are diversifying their offerings.

According to an analysis from Fior Markets, the global packaged vegan food market is expected to grow by $15.1 billion USD by 2026. Many companies are focusing on new product development, innovation in product offering, and investing in the packaged vegan food market.

Here are some brands that have adopted vegan products into their offerings.

Wholly Veggie

Serving your favourite plant-based vegan foods, Wholly Veggie offers veggie-full patties, pizzas and crusts, snacks, and complete meals. Each product is made with real vegetables, seasoned for all taste buds, and convenient to make.

These products can be found at Loblaws, Metro, Sobeys, Farm Boy, and more.

The Meatless Farm Co.

The Meatless Farm Co. offers plant-based beef burgers and ground meat, as well as plant-based pork sausage patties and breakfast sausages. Their products are made of only the highest quality natural plant-based ingredients.

They also offer delicious recipes on their website using their products.

Nestlé – Vegan KitKat Bars

To be launched as KitKat V later this year, these vegan chocolate bars are made with 100% sustainable cocoa and are certified vegan.

Nestlé already uses plant-based dairy alternatives such as peas, coconut, and oats in some of their other products.

Beyond Meat – Plant-based Burger Patties

Beyond Meat is already available on the shelves of many retailers and restaurants such as Walmart and A&W.

They recently announced new partnerships with McDonald’s and Yum Brands to bring a variety of new plant-based fast-food items. This includes McDonald’s McPlant burger as well as plant-based alternatives for pizza toppings, chicken, and more.

Maple Leaf Foods – Meat Alternatives

In 2019, Maple Leaf Foods announced its focus on meat alternatives such as the Lightlife Burger that is made of coconut oil, pea protein, beet powder, and more plant-based ingredients.

President’s Choice – Plant-based Product Line

President’s Choice, owned by Canada’s largest food retailer Loblaws, launched an entire line of plant-based vegan products which includes a beefless burger, cheesecake made of lima beans and oats, meatless chicken breasts, breaded cutlets, and a variety of spreads.

These vegan options can be found in Shoppers Drug Mart, Real Canadian Superstore, No Frills, and more.

How Can Storesupport Help?

Whether you are looking to strengthen the presence of your existing vegan products or launch new ones, our suite of in-store solutions ensures that your products always reach the hands of your customers.

For example, we manage product inventory so that the required stock of products is available at all times and is replenished before it becomes low. We also conduct retail audits to collect important information about the in-store performance of your products. This information can provide valuable feedback when you’re making decisions about your products.

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