Customer Satisfaction and Brand Trust – Which Brands Top the List?

Customer satisfaction and brand trust are probably the most important elements for customers to decide whether they want to purchase from a brand.

Customers who have a great shopping experience indicate that they are 90% more likely to purchase online and 88% more likely to make a recommendation.

A Verint Experience Index report found that Costco, Amazon, and Apple rank highest in customer satisfaction among the top 25 retailers. But what makes them the top-ranking companies?

Let’s explore that in this blog.

The Digital Experience

Costco, Amazon, and Apple consistently rank in the top five when it comes to responsiveness, ease of finding products, and having relevant information available for customers.

These are important factors that make a good impression on customers during the retail purchase journey.

Focusing on fulfillment is a good way to ensure a seamless and positive experience. Costco, Amazon, and Apple are particularly strong in this area with several options such as CostcoGrocery, same-day delivery, and curbside pickup.

Regardless of whether customers choose to shop in-store or online, the ability to make the shopping experience easy and convenient increases customer satisfaction and brand trust.


Amazon and Costco have the top two spots for quality of products, variety expected, and meeting customer needs.

You can find almost any item on Amazon or at Costco. From household items to clothes to groceries, they’ve got it all.

83% of shoppers say that convenience while shopping is a top priority for them.

Ensuring a variety of products available in one location allows customers to easily discover what they need and find a product that meets their quality standards.


Costco scores the top spot in availability, responsiveness, and ability to answer questions with Apple and Amazon trailing closely behind in third and fourth place.

In an omnichannel environment, good customer support allows customers to have their issues solved quickly and professionally regardless of how they like to shop.

Among the different types of channels, in-person and live phone agents remain the most preferred way to receive support. Live chat agents and email come in third and fourth.

90% of support issues handled on chat and calls were resolved and 86% of email support interactions were resolved.

Providing a variety of customer support options and achieving a high support success rate are important factors to building long-term customer satisfaction and brand trust.


Price is probably the most direct factor that influences a customer’s purchasing decision.

The pricing of products is a result of careful decision-making and can’t always be adjusted easily. However, providing excellent customer satisfaction and brand trust are great ways to justify product pricing.

Customers also look at the different pricing of delivery and return options.

Providing easy delivery and return policies create convenience and flexibility so customers can take control of their decision-making process.

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