Retail Merchandising Companies Providing More Stability to Retail Employees Than Retailers

Reduced consumer spending, inflation, and increased living expenses are changing everything we know about customer trends and behaviour. In such a climate, not only do brands and retail stores suffer, but also the stability of employment. Recently, Canadian Tire has cut 3% of the workforce and reduced job vacancies until further notice. Similarly, in January of 2023, we also saw Best Buy laying off 700 of its employees and relocating some of the staff to other store locations. These job cuts continued throughout the year, with companies such as BioSteel Sports Nutrition Inc. and Reitmans also laying out staff workers. These numbers may seem small, but they leave a considerable number of people jobless.

What’s Affecting This?

According to Indeed, Canadian postings for seasonal holiday jobs in 2023 have decreased by 30% compared to 2022. This decline suggests a softer labour market. It’s understandable that most retailers and brands are facing an economic crunch, leading many to reduce their workforce in order to offset the declining revenues. While it may seem like a safer choice on the employer’s part, it may not be an ideal situation for employees.

Retail Merchandising Companies: Benefits for Employees and Retailers

Taking care of seasonal staff and workers is the problem retailers always face. That’s why many businesses have moved towards outsourcing employees to retail merchandising companies as a stable alternative. This is a mutually beneficial solution for employees and retailers.

For employees, this presents a stable option. This is because employers receive benefits such as the ability to manage work/life balance and the freedom to decide when to work. Many employees appreciate the flexibility as it aligns with their priorities and needs.

Marketsupport, a retail merchandising company, not only provides stability to workers but also offers outsourced arrangements for retailers. For retailers, this means a back-up outsourced arrangement is in place, particularly during downsizing. 


It’s prominent that many employees are affected by brands and employers in Canada. Through Marketsupport, employees can know they’re in safe hands. In the same vein, retailers can have the confidence to outsource staff when needed with confidence. It’s a stable option for everyone involved.

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