Experiential Marketing in a Pandemic

Experiential marketing has been a cornerstone for merchandizing since the 19th century when Benjamin T. Babbitt started offering customers free bars of soap. Not surprisingly, over 70 per cent of consumers say they are likely to buy a product after trying it, compared to just 25 per cent when only seeing it in a commercial. There is just no substitute for the power of putting a product in a consumer’s hands.

However, since free samples are usually offered in stores, physically connecting potential customers with products has become nearly impossible during the pandemic.

The solution is to reach out to customers in their homes by sending them free samples. In fact, sample products reach 70 million homes every quarter. Since experiential marketing is crucial for growing a customer base, enhancing customer lifetime value, and increasing sales, it’s a win-win for both retailers and consumers, who can try new products in the comfort and safety of their own homes.


Storesupport’s pilot Tryal program offers brands a technologically sophisticated at-home sampling test. The program will mail packages of up to seven products from various brands to a test group including a range of demographics across Canada, targeting all ages and genders.

For Tryal, Storesupport is partnering with Jones Healthcare Group, a world-class provider of progressive packaging to ensure all materials are safe. Jones has been active for over a century across various healthcare sectors, supplying packaging that informs and protects.

Each of these packages will also include an insert enabled with Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology. Unlike a QR code, which requires a phone to scan and activate, the NFC insert can be effortlessly tapped like a debit or credit card. This will launch a survey where customers can provide feedback on the included products after sampling them.

Brands can offer five customized, targeted survey questions for customers. We will analyze the responses using demographic information such age, gender, province, and geographic location (urban, suburban, rural/remote). So, participating brands can expect valuable insights about the consumer’s sampling experience with the product.

How to Join Tryal

To participate, you will also need to provide 1,000 shelf-stable samples—ship-to information will be advised. The cost to take part in the pilot program is CAD 3,000. You will be invoiced after we receive your product samples.

Contact us at info@storesupport.ca. In your email, please submit your five survey questions. You can also call us at 1-877-421-5081.

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