Adapting to Post-Pandemic Changes– What’s in Store for Retail Consumers?

A phrase you’ve probably heard a million times over the past nearly two years is “Things will eventually go back to normal.” While it sounds comforting and promising, it simply isn’t true.

As the pandemic threw the entire world into economic turmoil, things are probably never going to go back to exactly the way they were, whether we accept it or not.

The way we work, businesses conduct operations, and consumers shop have changed. How we spend money and the things we want to spend money on have also changed.

In a Leger survey of over 4,000 Canadians, it was found that 53% of Canadians want to maintain the habits they’ve formed during the pandemic, and only 13% of those surveyed wish to go back to exactly their pre-pandemic lives.

In addition, consumer shopping trends like social consciousness, video commerce, and demand for convenience will continue to be the leader at the front of the future retail world.

For retailers, brands, and manufacturers, these retail trends shaping the post pandemic world mean revisiting how to deliver improved customer experiences.

Implementing AI and Real-Time Insights

Technology not only helps retailers, brands, and manufacturers become more efficient in managing product performance, but it also helps them respond quicker and more accurately to inefficiencies.

For example, AI can help with improved demand forecasting, automated inventory replenishment, and reduced phantom inventory.

Implementing Transparency and Value-Based Branding

Customers want to purchase from brands that align with their values. Whether it’s health concerns or being more socially conscious, your brand needs to reflect what your customers care about the most.

With the help of brand ambassadors and retail audits, you get a better understanding of the health of your products in shops and ensure you’re always showing your best side in front of customers.

Implementing Omnichannel Shopping Experiences

Convenience is one of the top things your customers look for when shopping now. They want to be able to shop when they want, how they want.

Whether it’s building out your eCommerce capabilities, helping with inventory management, responding to emergencies, or executing order fulfillment, we can provide consistent and effective support regardless if your customers are shopping online or in-store.

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