Healthcare – Manage Changing Demands Through New Partnerships

When the COVID-19 pandemic began – all hands were on deck to deal with the health crisis. This meant that many non-urgent healthcare services took the back-seat.

Quite a few clinics started offering virtual consultations for non-urgent care.

However, now that the economy is opening back up and physical distancing rules are easing, many medical facilities are starting in-person consultations for long-term issues, routine problems, and minor ailments.

Many healthcare organizations, that were not on the frontlines are now reopening and may have to deal with pent-up demand from the previous months. These include fertility clinics, dental offices, chiropractor and wellness centres, etc.

If you fall in this category, you will have to factor in the need to have adequate stocks of PPE and specialized equipment to ensure the safety of your patients and medical staff.

Similar is the case with pharmaceutical companies.

Many pharmaceutical companies struggled during the early onset of the pandemic as they faced production and supply chain disruptions.

This is why it is critical for pharmaceutical companies to review their supply chains and ensure that their products reach pharmacies and medical facilities in a timely manner. There is also an added concern of ensuring the products are effectively stocked and labelled.

So, what’s next?

Well, the pandemic has changed customer behaviours, impacted demand for medical services, and most importantly uncovered inadequacies in current processes.

To ensure that you’re equipped to deal with a possible influx of demand in the future, you have to focus on being agile.

This agility, scalability, and flexibility can be achieved by partnering with a merchandising partner like Storesupport.

Working with a partner helps you deliver better customer experiences while staying within your budget. Here are just some of the many benefits you can expect:

Benefits for Medical Facilities:

As you focus on delivering care – we can help you with one critical aspect of the process – product inventory management.

Your team would need sanitizers, PPE equipment, and more. This is where we come in. We can ensure that you have the required stock of these products and it is replenished before it reaches a critically low level.

Benefits for Pharmaceutical Companies:

We can help you get your products in the hands of your customers. Our commercial merchandising solutions can help you stay resilient.

Our team goes beyond just stock replacement and in-store product placement … we help provide you insights from the field to help you understand the market sentiment and trends. We conduct audits, support product launch efforts, carry out quality assurance, and manage in-store displays.

Our team is an extension of your team. With Storesupport, you have the national reach you need for all your needs – as we have a field team of more than 500 people spread across the country.

To learn more about our solutions for healthcare connect with us by calling 1-877-421-5081 or visiting

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