Hiring and Recruiting – What to Expect?

The last year has been an especially tough one for job seekers and the hiring and recruitment department of all businesses.

With the ongoing restrictions and prolonged lockdowns, businesses faced uncertainty about their ability to continue operating and job seekers faced uncertainty about finding any job in the labour market.

According to Statistics Canada, 88,187 business closures were observed in April of last year. That’s more than twice the level of closures observed in April 2019.

In addition, they reported that by April 2020, 3 million Canadians had lost their jobs.

During this difficult and sensitive time for everyone, it’s important that recruiters and job seekers show compassion, patience, and understanding.

Today, we asked Sara Clarkson, President/CEO of Storesupport, to shed some light on tips and best practices for hiring and recruiting during the pandemic.

Q. Reflecting on the events of the past year, what were some of the challenges from a hiring and job seeking perspective?

A.  From a recruitment standpoint, there were certain areas throughout the country where people have been afraid to work. This made it difficult for recruiters to find suitable talent for their open roles.

I believe as a job seeker, there were lots of inconsistencies and frustrations throughout the application process. Many times, companies would post new opportunities and then change their minds. This has made it very tough for job seekers looking for their next opportunity.

Q.  How do you believe job seekers are put at a disadvantage in the current job scenario?

A.  The volatility of change and the inconsistencies within job postings have been a huge disadvantage to job seekers during this time. Unfortunately, many people have become seen as “dispensable” for organizations because of COVID-19. For the people who are searching for their next job opportunity, it seems that organizations have lost some compassion towards people during this time.

Q.  How should recruiters better conduct interviews during this challenging time?

A.  Honestly, compassion and understanding from both sides is extremely important. An organization is looking for the right talent fit, and the job seeker is looking for the right opportunity. As a recruiter, have more compassion during this time. The labour market is already a tight and competitive space. It’s been a difficult year for many job seekers trying to find their first job or transfer to a new job on top of job losses, family struggles, rent, debt, and so much more. Be compassionate and understanding of your candidate’s situation and openly communicate when interviewing.

For job seekers, if the job doesn’t seem like the right fit, be truthful to yourself and your interviewer. 99% of the time, if you take a job just for the sake of having one, it will not work out for you or your employer.

Q.  What are some job seeking etiquette and advice you would give to people looking for jobs right now?

A.  The number one issue right now in our industry is job seekers not taking responsibility for commitments they made. If an interview was scheduled and you found another job, notify the organization. If you are unable to attend an interview, notify the organization. You made a commitment to someone and that person has dedicated time and resources to you. Be respectful of other people’s time no matter what the situation is.

Q.  How should leaders take responsibility to improve hiring and recruitment during this time?

A.  I do believe that in many areas, us leaders need to ensure that we provide compassion. Again, this has been, and still is, a very difficult time for everyone personally and professionally. We have gotten very used to screens, machines, and widgets. However, recruiting is all about the people, their lives, their families, and their futures. Showing compassion goes a long way, especially during this time.

If you’re a recruiter looking to make the hiring process better for candidates or a job seeker searching for the next opportunity, we can help you.

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