How Do You Prepare for a Surge in Online Shopping in Canada?

Online shopping has been popular from many years.

The convenience and variety of products of online shopping provide customers with many options when making a purchasing decision.

This is even more true over the past year.

Nationwide restrictions and lockdowns have made online shopping one of the only safe ways for consumers to shop with ease and confidence.

Retailers had to adapt by investing in their digital presence and in retail technologies.

In this blog, we share the ways retailers can prepare for the surge in online shopping.

Contactless Payments

Having contactless payment methods such as credit card, debit card, or mobile apps provides customers with options so they can feel safe and shape with confidence.

According to a survey from Visa that looked at consumer behaviour and expectations around digital commerce, 64% of Canadian consumers have used contactless payments whenever possible over the last few months.

In addition, 56% of Canadians state that offering contactless payment methods is one of the most important safety measures stores can offer.

Display Live Inventory and Availability Online

Ensuring accurate inventory displays are shown on your e-commerce website provides customers with the important information they need when making shopping online.

Without real-time inventory displays, you risk losing customers who want to know if their desired item is available and whether they can get it on time online or at one of the physical locations.

This connects the dots between your online and offline store to allow for a seamless experience for the customers regardless of how they like to shop.

Get a Deeper Understanding of Your Customers’ Needs

Customer preferences and their situations have changed drastically, especially over the last year. People are working from home, unemployed, laid off, or working in an office.

Each of these customer groups have different product needs and shopping habits.

This could be having flexible delivery and pickup options, adding certain products to e-commerce stores, and focusing on the types of messaging implemented online.

Once you have a better understanding of your customers preferences and their needs, you can better assess your readiness to meet them.

How Can Storesupport Help You Prepare?

Today’s retail experience is all about omnichannel.

We, at Storesupport, have many e-commerce solutions that provide retailers with store, brand, and people support to ensure you have control of your brand online and in-store.

Whether you need help creating an online presence, building online ordering capabilities, or managing your online inventory, we can guide you from beginning to end so that your products always reach your customers on time.

To learn more about what our e-commerce solutions can do for you, call us at 1-877-421-5081 or visit

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