Marketing Tobacco Products – Opportunities for Tobacco Companies

Over the past few years, laws have been put in place, to restrict certain marketing activities when it comes to tobacco products.

Talking specifically about Canada, most forms of tobacco advertising, promotions, and sponsorships are prohibited.

Though, it may be permissible to advertise tobacco products at adult-only venues or through direct mail to adults.

Canadian Out of Home Marketing and Measurement Bureau shares further insight into the laws. It shares that while the Tobacco law is governed federally, provinces and municipalities may have their own bylaws. It goes on to state that where there is a conflict between a provision of Federal Act and a Provincial Bylaw, the more restrictive provision takes precedence.

Other similar products are governed by similar laws. For instance, this July, the Ministry of Health, announced regulations that would prevent vaping products from being advertised in spaces where the advertisements can be seen or heard by young people.

With these regulations in place, how can tobacco companies reach adults, share information, and ensure that their customers’ questions are answered?

This is where brand ambassadors come in.

When we talk about brand ambassadors, we are not talking about roping in influencers or running big campaigns – we are talking about working with in-store staff to educate the customers and help address their questions.

Face-to-face interactions can help you communicate more effectively with the retailers as well as your customers. Your brand ambassadors have in-depth knowledge of your brand’s voice and personality. They’re able to share this information with your customers and help them with any other inquiries as well.

Similarly, when retailers know more, they can share the knowledge with other customers.

Another advantage of implementing a brand ambassador program is that this way you’re able to market to target audience (who are above the legal age for purchasing cigarettes) and are able to ensure that your campaigns are not seen or heard by younger individuals.

At Storesupport, we can help you in educating your customers and retailers through brand ambassador programs. Our team can be an extension of your team in-stores and help you communicate with your customers while ensuring adherence to federal and provincial laws.

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