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Make Sure Your Product Is Front and Centre

You put a lot of time and effort into ensuring your products are exactly how you want them to be. But if they’re not in the right place, providing the right message at the right time for your customers, it won’t matter. Get your products easily into the hands of your customers in the last stretch of the sales.

  • On shelf
  • On display
  • Promotional material set-up
  • Package additions


Optimum placement is key when it comes to getting your brand to the cash. Through our suite of merchandising solutions, we clear a path.

Display Set-up

Ensure your special promotions are optimized throughout the country. We can take care of set-up, takedown, and compliance.

POS Install

Signage is key. We offer fast, flexible solutions to ensure your promotions are optimized.

Planogram Implementation

We provide quick planogram execution set-up and takedown in multiple formats across the country.


Do you have a new product promotion? Does a label need to be changed and/or updated? Stick with us!


Get your products away from the consumer as quickly as possible.

Where We Are

icon representing marketsupports merchandising services as retail
RetailGrocery, mass, drug, big box, hardware, gas & convenience, and general.
icon representing storesupports merchandising services in the field
FieldFood service, hospitals, vending, events, consumer / trade shows, office tower, and warehouse.
Icon representing Marketsupports merchandising services online
OnlineEcommerce, product sites, and social.
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HomeNational, multiple geographic, and multiple demographic.
International Healthcare Product Manufacturer-Hospital Replenishment Partner

We appreciate the care and support that the Marketsupport team provides to our unique healthcare solution. Our long-term partnership has evolved over many years. COVID brought its share of challenges, but the team did not miss a beat. The flexibility of the team and the diligence of the REPS is unparallel. The link on the technology side between systems is efficient and seamless. Kudos to you and the team!

Multinational Technology Corporation-Syndicated Team

A great team with the dedication to retail you look for in an agency partner. Our experience is consistent and to plan month over month. For years we have continued to expand our scope with Marketsupport and leverage their services and creativity across many partners and lines of business. This all stays consistent with readily available leadership and finance partners.

National Consumer Package Goods-Syndicated Team

Marketsupport was recommended to me by a business friend, and I can honestly say that the entire experience and the overall results have been excellent. Our main office is in AB and the Marketsupport team has been visiting stores in the Quebec and Ontario region for me and they have been able to grow our brand consistently in the last few months. Having feet on the street is essential for our company to grow share, gain distribution, create secondary displays, increase brand awareness, and ultimately increase sales. They have done all of that, and I’m planning on using them in more regions in the near future. If you are a company without a sales team & need some excellent support, I would strongly suggest Marketsupport for strong results and a winning team.