Modern Merchandising Trends to Drive Your Brand

The recent impacts coming out of the pandemic have brought many challenges and opportunities for brands and manufacturers. Many organizations have evolved to meet these challenges. Likewise, we have recently changed our name to Marketsupport to reflect our role more accurately in this new landscape.

Marketsupport is ready to drive your brand in areas outside traditional retail or store settings through merchandising, distribution, omnichannel, eCommerce, and more.

To talk more about this new marketplace and modern merchandising trends, here is President/CEO Sara Clarkson.

What strategies are you finding the most success with right now?

With the new services we have, it’s about providing more intelligence and knowledge to what brands already have, to help them really focus on the most logical places of concern. I believe gone are these days where you go and blanket all four hundred Walmarts, for example. If everything is going fine at a particular Walmart, then why would you go there and spend money? Focus on the areas where you can actually push the needle and make more money.

The other thing we really pride ourselves on is flexibility. We can turn on a dime for our clients. It doesn’t matter if it’s five stores or 5000 stores. Our goal is to be able to get out into the field as quickly as possible. It’s important now because in some places promotional windows are two weeks, so time’s a-wasting. If something is wrong, that’s dollars you’re losing.

Brands and manufacturers are facing a lot of pressure with supply chain delays, rising costs, and inflation. How can Marketsupport help?

We want to make it easy for brands. With everything that’s going on right now, managers are tapped. So, the more we can help with the in-store aspect of it and make it as easy and seamless as possible—or get them back data and information, present it in a way that’s easy to take it to their buyers or take the C-level executives—that’s something we take pride in.

We can also pivot whenever things get delayed.

For instance, usually, for Christmas, we’re getting things ready in October. In 2021, it was creeping into December because of supply chain delays. We just rolled with it.

We understand you’re having problems getting it there. But don’t worry about us. We’ll make sure that when it does get there it’s on the shelf. And we can do it quickly across the country.

Where do you think brands can most improve in merchandising?

I think many brands are leaving too much up to the retailers, both in-store and online. Retailers have tens of thousands of products to handle, so mistakes can happen, and you’re ultimately responsible for your brand.

With eCommerce, just like in-store, digital merchandisers can go to different websites and check the status of the brand. What reviews are we getting? Are sites using the right blurbs and descriptions? Is the price correct? Are they using the right pictures? Many brands don’t realize they can take control here, and that’s where we can help. At the end of the day, brands can help themselves and these retailers.

Drive Your Brand With Modern Merchandising

While our name has changed, our commitment to helping our clients and partners has not. Marketplace will help you explore new markets at scale with low risk or supplement existing markets and grow your brand presence. With our national field force of over 500 employees in your corner, you can get the right people in the right place at the right time across Canada.

To learn more call 1-905-847-6513 or visit our website.

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