New Era of Retail – Values, Preferences, and More

Today’s retailers are influencers are pillars in their communities. Not only do brands have the power to sway the opinions and decisions of the people, but they also have the platform to voice important issues.

According to a report from IBM, Gen Z consumers expect value, choice, and quality in retail. Gen Z consumers valued brands that are transparent, trustworthy, authentic, relevant, and reflect their values.

For Gen Z and even older shoppers, sustainability and inclusivity are at the heart of their concerns. They pay close attention to sustainability while purchasing their necessary and recreational products and want brands to offer transparency in sustainable options.

In a statement from IKEA Canada, 90% of consumers want to live a more sustainable life. As a result, IKEA stated they plan on becoming fully circular and climate positive by 2030.

In addition to sustainability, Gen Z consumers are also looking for diversity and inclusivity in advertising and shopping.

Brands and retailers need to be supporting their customers in their journeys and should also be empowering to give individuals the courage of self-expression.

For example, Sephora Canada is trying to be a leader of better consumer representation and inclusivity with their new campaign in honour of National Indigenous History Month earlier this year. <link to:

It can be challenging to keep up with evolving customer expectations, especially since expectations are growing more demanding.

Brands and retailers must align their decisions with evolving customer expectations to stay relevant and competitive in today’s challenging retail landscape.

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