Outsourcing In-store Sales and Merchandising Representative Teams During this Key Time for Cost Cutting Considerations

A field team is essential for a brand’s success. Their roles can include:

  • In-store sales/promotions.
  • Merchandising.
  • Gaining additional product real estate.
  • In-store relationship building.
  • Overall support at store level.

At the end of the day, after all is done, these people determine whether your product is sold or not sold. Retail execution strategy is only possible with them, and with the cutback of in-store staff, the addition of self check-out, as well as supply chain difficulties, — proper strategy has never been more critical.

That said, there are costs to consider. Companies that require comprehensive, national coverage often have a full-time in-house field team visiting stores across the country. As an employer, you must pay overheads such as car allowance, benefits, field management and CMR reporting solutions, and significant windshield costs to cover the country effectively.

And with a potential recession looming, these costs are increasing and can make you vulnerable. So, what’s the solution? It’s simple — outsource your field team to ensure scalability. Here’s what you need to know.

Outsourcing Your Field Team to Prepare for a Recession

With continued high inflation and aggressive rate hikes from the Bank of Canada, economists are still warning of a “moderate” recession for the country.

The challenge here is finding the right balance. If you retain too many staff, costs will overflow, but if you cut too deeply, you risk losing sales and market share. Flexibility is key.

Let Us Be Your Field Team and Save You Money!

Through our experience, we know that by outsourcing all or a portion of your team, we can save you at least 30% of what you are paying now.

We will also increase your ROI overall, as our team will visit all locations and impact all store areas.  Focusing on your low-hanging fruit is essential. However, you may need to include critical sales opportunities in forgotten stores currently covered by your team.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Do you currently have a Dedicated Team today?

What are your overall costs for this team remaining in-house?

Are there areas of the country currently needing more coverage due to the travel costs of sending your team ?

Can you decrease costs by outsourcing outlying locations and decreasing your overall field team?

How much am I spending on travel for this team?

Are you effectively covering all channels nationally?

Marketsupport can help you explore new and flexible options for scaling your team with increased savings without cutting back your coverage. Whether it is outsourcing your entire team, a portion of your team or covering outlying areas that still need coverage when you need it most, we have a solution for you. With over 30 years of combined experience and operational teams of 500 employees nationwide, we’ve got you covered to “Drive Your Brand at Retail!

We can cover the entire country in grocery, mass, drug, big box hardware, gas and convenience. In addition, you can choose a dedicated, hybrid mixed, or syndicated shared team. The options are endless, and we cater to YOUR needs.

By outsourcing your field team to us, we’ll put 30% of your budget back into your pocket with the same return or better!

Contact us now at 1 877 421 5081 ext. 40, info@marketsupport.ca or visit our website today to book a free consultation.

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