Are Pop-Ups Worth a Piece of Your Holiday Budget?

Using pop-up displays in your retail strategy can create unforgettable interactions between shoppers and your products. They are also a good source of visibility to help your product stand out from the competition. Unlike interruptive commercials or ads, pop-up displays target bypassers. Maybe those shoppers were looking for milk or bread and stumbled upon your pop-up displays. In other words, pop-up displays promote your brand without being pushy or loud. 

An average shopper spends 30-41 minutes in the grocery store, which means that they will likely come across your pop-up display at this time. More so ever, point-of-purchase marketing is so effective that brands invest in prime locations to display their products and increase visibility during that half-hour shopping window.

How Pop-Up Displays Leverage the Benefits?

1.  Overcoming Analysis Paralysis

A high percentage of shoppers make in-store decisions without a shopping list, studies show. During that time, shoppers can feel overwhelmed by too many choices, which can lead to analysis paralysis. These shoppers prefer the tangible experience of products, and your pop-up displays can be just the right thing. Pop-up displays, when placed separately from the aisle, can make it stand out from the clutter on the store shelves. This visibility can lead to easy access for customers to choose your product over competitors.

2.  Versatility and Customizability

Pop-up displays are a one-time expense. Meaning that you can disassemble and reassemble the same pop-up displays in multiple locations. Even more. Brands can customize pop-up displays with minor tweaks for specific promotions, seasons, or holiday marketing campaigns. This adaptability makes pop-up displays the no #1 choice of many marketers, mainly because of its long-term benefits and the ability to adapt as needed.

3.  Cost-Effective Impact

If you’re on a tight budget and looking for a way to promote your new product, consider nothing more than pop-up displays. As mentioned above, they provided repeated exposure and offered great value for money. With proper care, they can be used several times, which spreads the initial cost over a longer period. The reusability feature of the pop-up displays makes it cost-effective and leads to a higher return on investment.

Effective Retail Execution Strategy

You may be wondering if pop-up displays are worth your time and money. The answer is an outstanding yes! If your goal is to make a lasting impression with a cost-effective approach, pop-up displays are a no-brainer. Pop-up displays add that extra flair to your ordinary marketing strategy.

Some brands, on average, experience a 19% increase in sales when using pop-up displays. Things don’t end with placing pop-up displays — you need to place them strategically. Consider placing your displays throughout the store, especially in open spaces, end caps, and near POS systems, to increase the visibility of your products.

Marketsupport: Your Pop-Up Display Partner

Our team ensures that your pop-up displays are where they are supposed to be. Additionally, our team can help you with eye-catching pop-up signage and setting up convenient gift-wrapping stations. These additions make it easy to leave a lasting impression on your customers and increase sales.

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