Press Release: Storesupport Is Changing Its Name to Marketsupport

Mississauga, Ontario, June 28, 2022: Storesupport, a national Canadian retail merchandising company is announcing several new changes. Effective this month the Storesupport organization is changing its name to Marketsupport. In addition, the company is rebranding, which includes a new logo, website, and brand palette.

The challenges following the pandemic in these recent years have brought a great deal of evolution in merchandising, eCommerce, branding, and more. Like many of you, we rolled with the punches and made the necessary adjustments to survive and thrive according to the needs of today’s market.

The new brand, Marketsupport, will provide solutions to three distinct verticals: manufacturers, brands, and retailers. Solutions have been expanded, leveraging more technology, including AI, to enhance the results we achieve for our clients.

“The main reason for the change is that we have been working with partners and clients outside the retail sector,” says Sara Clarkson, Marketsupport President/CEO.

“For instance, some of our team members are busy replenishing baby formula at hospitals and maternity wards or educating staff at large call centres on using Micro-Markets—just to name a few examples. ‘Marketsupport’ more accurately reflects that we have people who can provide support in all different areas of the marketplace, not just retail.”

Marketsupport is ready to support manufacturers, brands, and retailers to explore new markets at scale with low risk. Marketsupport is also supplementing existing markets to enable clients to achieve exponential growth with our national field force of over 500 employees. Customized technology and advanced data solutions provide real-time insights into what’s happening online, in-store, or wherever your brand is listed.

From eCommerce and omnichannel to display installation and set-up, whether it’s merchandising, distribution, sales, promotions, sampling, or floor personnel solutions, Marketsupport can help. Marketsupport also supports emergencies, seasonal ramp-ups, and any other challenges that arise where qualified, professional people are needed.

Marketsupport now offers a complete one-stop, on-demand solution.

About Marketsupport

Marketsupport is a Canadian-owned and operated organization that has been in business for over a decade, providing a national field force of more than 500 employees who provide in-store, online, and omnichannel services.

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