Retail Merchandising Spotlight: Ralph Lauren Paying Close Attention to BOTH Bricks and Mortar and Digital Growth with New Canadian Flagship Store and You Should Be Too

For the past five to seven years, we have seen a lot of luxury brands expanding their market in Canada. This time, it’s Ralph Lauren—a fashion company based in America. Talking about 2022, Ralph Lauren has 344 stores in operation around the world, with a wholesale presence in Canada through retailers like Hudson’s Bay, Sporting Life, and Harry Rosen. In September of 2023, they opened their first luxury premium full-price branded retail store in Toronto along with the website 

Canadian Retail Merchandising Spotlight

In their press release, Bob Ranftl, regional chief executive officer for North America at Ralph Lauren Corporation, said: “Ralph Lauren’s ethos of timelessness and authenticity has inspired and connected with our Canadian consumers for decades, and we’re excited to bring a more holistic expression of our brand to Canada.”

Similarly, on the other side, industry professional Georgi Gvakharia, who is also a country manager for Ralph Lauren in Canada, said that they would be looking to hire for a couple of positions in Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver, where they are trying to expand their Ralph Lauren Stores. They are also eyeing to give “an exceptional level of in-store experience to every customer who walks into our stores,” says Georgi.

In 2024, the marketing and sales team at Ralph Lauren will all focus on hiring and training your brand ambassadors, from front-line sales consultants to store directors and field and corporate leaders.

Inside Ralph Lauren and Their Unique Selling Point

Their stores will house a collection of men’s Purple labels, along with Polo Ralph Lauren men’s and women’s collections, children’s apparel, accessories, and more. They will also offer dedicated client services, including private styling appointments, alterations, repairs, and custom-fitted tailoring.

Also, from October 11th, 2023, Ralph Lauren’s Canadian digital commerce platform,, has started offering a complete range of brands and products. The site will soon have a French-language version for the province of Quebec. This is exciting news for Canadians, as it shows that the brand is fully devoted and dedicated to serving the Canadian market.

What’s Next for Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is now in the Canadian retail merchandising spotlight. They are constantly evaluating their strategies and testing the waters to understand what works best for them. By doing so, they will leverage those insights before investing in retail, e-commerce, or opening new product lines and stores in Canada. For now, they will prioritize personalized client services and building brand equity among Canada’s luxury shoppers.

What Does This Mean For You?

It’s evident that more and more brands are joining Canada each year, making it tough for brands in Canada to compete. This may require Canadian brands to utilize the opportunity at hand and pay close attention to both brick-and-mortar stores as well as digital websites to drive customer satisfaction, increase customer retention, and provide valuable experiences.

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