Retail Innovators–Ren’s Pets

Ren’s Pets Canada currently operates 45 stores across Canada and has gradually expanded from Oakville to Guelph. Ren’s Pets is now looking to open 12 new stores in Ontario and Eastern Canada by 2024, with specific locations in Toronto, including Liberty Village, The Junction, and The Beaches. They are also expanding their business to two new provinces, Newfoundland and PEI, as they continue to look for more opportunities to grow across Canada. However, they are likely to face tough competition from some established pet brands in Canada, such as PetSmart and PetValue.

About Ren’s Pets Canada and Their Unique Selling Point

Ren’s Pets is not an ordinary store—in fact, it is a specialty store dealing in toys, supplies, food, accessories, treats, and grooming sections, including its own line of products. This store offers a convenient solution for city pet parents looking for pet items in one place. The stores even have designated sections where you can weigh your dog and get the right size fits for your dog’s collar.

One of the reasons why customers keep coming back to Ren’s Pets is because they provide the best-curated items, the best prices, the best customer service, and high-quality premium brands. They also have large walk-in freezer sections for pets’ raw and frozen food in 90% of their stores.

Ren’s Pets also pays close attention to how customers perceive their brand. They acknowledge this with their updated signage, brick accents, barn board, and a unique blue logo that sets them apart.

Their Vision and Future Perspectives

It’s clear that more than half (53%) of households in Ontario own pets, and it is obvious they need items for their pets. If customers come across a good quality product, they will always prefer that specific store above everything else.

Ren’s Pets places equal importance on pets and humans as their customers and also cares for them outside of the store. They are also a national sponsor of the OVC Pet Trust, which is Canada’s first charitable fund that aims to improve the quality of life for companion animals.

How the Canadian Consumer Market Responds

Ren’s Pets stores, in some neighbourhoods, have become a go-to place for pet owners for quick purchases. Many pet owners find it convenient to order Ren’s Pets products from Doordash and have them delivered on the same day.

In recent years, Ren’s Pets has transformed from just being a store to becoming a cultural hub for pets through its donation campaigns. They also offer a great digital rewards program that keeps their community connected. During a conversation, Wasyliw, VP of Ren’s Pets, mentioned, “Our customers love this because they have fun trying new things with their pets while also giving and receiving feedback from others who have tried the same products.”


Ren’s Pets began operating 47 years ago and currently has more than 45 stores across Canada, with plans to open more stores in the near future. Leveraging their high-quality product, established customer service, and well-known brand name at hand, they’re moving to the next phase of their journey, which is expansion. Their mission, as Wasyliw puts it, is to provide the best life for pets.

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