Retail Innovators—Ecobee Canada

Ecobee Canada is a home automation company that offers smart home solutions. The company was founded in 2007 and offers a range of products, including smart thermostats, sensors, light switches, cameras, and more in the B2C space. As discussed above, the company’s main objective is to provide eco-friendly options and green alternatives. This is evident from the product descriptions displayed on their website, where they continually emphasize the importance of health, air quality, and energy savings.

Their efforts have consistently paid off and resulted in many recognitions and awards. For instance, they have received the Deloitte Technology Green 15 Award for Canadian green technology companies and the 2011 AHR Expo Innovation Award in the building automation category.

Ecobee Canada—Expansion and Growth

Ecobee has earned a reputation for producing some of the best thermostats and smart doorbell cameras available in 2023. They have received positive reviews in numerous articles, and their product lines can be found in popular stores such as Best Buy, Amazon, and Home Depot. The best part is that a majority of customers consider Ecobee to be high-quality and a worthwhile investment that can last up to 10 years with ease. What’s more, many people believe that if you want to make your home smart, investing in Ecobee products is the way to go.

To expand its ecosystem, Ecobee offers a smart security subscription system that provides 24/7 professional monitoring. It works with Ecobee devices and provides a smart and intelligent way to protect any house. Customers can also conveniently control Ecobee products through smartphones, tablets, or Apple watches. Ecobee also has an open model, meaning you can use their products with or without a subscription.

Ecobee products are designed for low energy costs and multiple uses. On average, it saves 26% on heating and cooling costs and avoids wasting $388 annually, as reported by Since 2019, Ecobee has continuously invested in its innovative and smart products. One of them is the next-generation software by Ecobee, which provides deeper energy savings and renewable energy options.

Living on Their Words and Mission “ECO”

Ecobee, as a company, believes its technology should be accessible to everyone, and that’s the reason why its products are designed thoughtfully and priced affordably. Their cause and goal are reflected in their actions.

They put their technology to good use and for communities in need by partnering with local housing organizations, cities, and NGOs to find effective solutions. Since 2018, their Income Qualified (IQ) program has improved the quality of life in many homes by distributing over 20,000 smart thermostats.

It’s impressive how Ecobee has established itself as a top brand in the market without compromising on its values. Today, people trust Ecobee’s reputation and choose their products without a second thought.

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