Retail Innovators–Rooms + Spaces

Doug Putman, a 39-year-old Canadian retail entrepreneur, has bridged a noticeable gap in the market left by Bed Bath & Beyond and Buybuy Baby with his latest venture: Rooms + Spaces. This brand aims to cater to the needs of modern Canadian homes, their unique personalities, and styles. With a vision for a resurgent brick-and-mortar retail experience, Rooms + Spaces is all set to revolutionize the Canadian retail scene.

A Resurgence in Brick-and-Mortar Retail

In a press release, Doug Putman, the owner of Rooms + Spaces, expressed his commitment to redefining the Canadian retail landscape:

“With so many empty storefronts across the country right now, Canadians are craving enjoyable in-store shopping experiences where they can see and touch products, especially when it comes to outfitting a home. I see such a strong opportunity to invest in Canadian retail, and I’m always looking for new opportunities.”

With Rooms + Spaces, Doug is eager to invest in this venture and capitalize on the resurgent appetite for brick-and-mortar experiences.

1.  A Journey of Creativity and Innovation

Allyson Banks, the director of marketing, and Salvatore Stranges, the creative director, are spearheading the creative process behind Rooms + Spaces. The team has already brought the brand’s visual identity to life, evident across the website. In preparation for the brand, the team is crafting every aspect of Rooms + Spaces, including product assortment, merchandising, in-store experience, and advertising.

According to the press release: “The brand’s vision is to provide comprehensive products for every room in the house, catering to the unique needs, from kitchen gadgets to luxurious bath towels, and even unique items like bed wedges, cherry pitters, and charcuterie sets.”

2.  Connecting with Canadians and their Consumer-Centric Values

Canadian consumers value sustainability and environmental consciousness, and Rooms + Spaces understands this well. These principles are at the core of the brand’s offerings. Balancing eco-friendly products with affordability is a challenge they aim to overcome. To achieve this goal, the marketing team is crafting empathetic communication plans to connect with their audience.

3.  Commitment to In-House Creativity

To establish the brand, Rooms + Spaces have come into existence in record time. The team is determined to maintain momentum and creativity within its in-house marketing and creative team for the next year. By staying attuned to customer feedback, market trends, and evolving consumer needs, Rooms + Spaces continues to evolve in a way that is both relevant and meaningful.


As Rooms + Spaces prepares to bring its immersive and delightful shopping experience to Canadians, it promises a unique blend of sustainability, quality, and affordability. Under Doug Putman’s expert retail leadership and a passionate team driving creative innovation, Rooms + Spaces is poised to revolutionize the Canadian retail scene. Their mission, as described in the press release by Doug, is to “help consumers find everything they need to make their homes their own.”

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