Retail Recruitment Challenges Right Across the Board: A Major Issue for Holiday Brands and How to Compete

In the retail industry, seasonality is a common challenge. Some businesses get more sales before Christmas, while others witness increased demand during the Christmas season. To effectively address this, retail companies must find a permanent strategic solution to tackle the challenges of “high volume hiring.” If not properly managed, these staffing issues during the holiday season can potentially impact sales expectations.

The Looming Challenges in Retail

Retail recruitment challenges are not isolated to one sector—they affect the entire industry. In 2022, the Canadian job market saw record-high job postings, exacerbating the issue during peak seasons such as the holidays. The pressure of unfilled positions can affect business operations, leading to a noticeable impact on customer experiences.

Understanding the Root Causes

Several factors contribute to the retail recruitment crisis faced by holiday brands:

1. Seasonal Demand: Holiday seasons witness a surge in customer footfall and sales, demanding additional manpower. Finding suitable candidates for temporary positions becomes challenging due to the short-term nature of these roles.

2.  Competition from Other Industries: The retail sector faces fierce competition from other industries offering similar job roles. Industries like food services and events attract seasonal job seekers, making it difficult for retail brands to secure top talent.

3.  Employee Expectations: Job seekers today seek positions that offer flexible hours, work-life balance, and competitive compensation. Meeting these expectations while adhering to the demands of the holiday season can be daunting for retailers.

Strategies to Compete and Overcome the Challenges

Holiday brands can overcome challenges and enhance their appeal to top talent through strategic approaches. To begin with, they can start by initiating the recruitment process as early as possible. According to Forbes, “Most retailers put holiday hiring plans together and begin the process as early as September.” A shining example is Nordstrom, which hired an impressive 20,000 employees well ahead of the 2022 holiday season.

However, hiring is only the beginning. Investing time in training highly skilled individuals is equally important. Alternatively, turning to a merchandising company with experience in retail support can provide access to well-trained and loyal staff on a short-term basis. Such companies are adept at providing trained staff, allowing holiday brands to scale during peak times without the burden of lengthy recruitment processes.

The Role of Marketsupport in Maximizing Retail Potential

As a retail merchandising company, Marketsupport understands the complexities of the retail industry, including the challenges of recruitment during peak seasons. We offer tailored recruitment solutions, employee training, and brand optimization strategies to ensure you have the right team in place to deliver an exceptional holiday shopping experience. At Marketsupport, we’re committed to helping our clients be prepared for the holiday season ahead of time.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can support your retail success during the holiday season.

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