Retail Trend: Grocers Putting ‘Made in Canada’ Stickers on Shelves

In the ongoing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we have seen a lot of changes to Canadian retail in a very short time. And experts are predicting that some of these changes will stay with us long-term.

One of those changes has been that more attention is being paid by consumers to where products are manufactured — and particular attention to products that are made or produced in Canada.

To that end, we recently came across an interesting Facebook post that showed a truly Canadian retail trend happening in some grocery stores, brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic:

Great idea for any stores, not just grocery stores to support Canadian manufacturers. Put a red maple leaf on the shelves of Canadian made products.

Posted by Bert Fortier on Thursday, April 23, 2020

Some grocers are putting red maple leaves on the shelves of products that are Made in Canada to support Canadian manufacturers.

“Great idea for any store, not just grocery stores,” said the post author.

The post has been shared 52,000 times.

The vast majority of the 342 commenters agreed with the author, saying things like “YES!” and “Such a good idea!!!” and “Would definitely influence my purchases.”

Certain products already highlight that they are made in Canada – however, with COVID-19 ongoing, shoppers are making faster choices and it’s not always easy to check if a product is Canadian-made (particularly if they are shopping in-store and not wanting to put items they’ve touched back on the shelf).

Although the Facebook post feedback was positive overall, there were some dissenters.

“What’s one more tag to put up on the shelves?? LOL,” a commenter wrote.

(Note: if you do want to add extra information to product displays or shelves, but don’t have the staff resources, the Storesupport Canada field team can do so for you across the country.)

Some commenters also mentioned that it could be difficult to put into action as the definition of what is a “made in Canada” product or company could differ. Who would decide if the company was “Canadian enough”?

Commenters replied not to overthink it — if the product is produced in Canada, then put a sticker on it.

(There are already guidelines for “Product of Canada” or “Made in Canada” claims, as outlined by the Government of Canada:

Others worried about the cost and whether a “Made in Canada” designation would increase the product price; however, responders said they would be willing to pay a slightly higher price to support Canadian manufacturers.

Should Shelves Feature “Made in Canada” Stickers?

What do you think? Should products that are manufactured in Canada say so right on the shelf? Is this a good idea — or would there be consequences? Share your opinion with us on social media. Storesupport Canada is on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn.

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If you do want to add extra information to your product displays or shelves — such as a Made in Canada designation — our field teams can do so nationally.

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