Semi-Retirement: Why Some Canadian Seniors Choose to Keep Working

The concept of a long, leisurely retirement after the age of 65 is a very new concept in the broad scheme of things. Right now, the average lifespan for Canadians is nearly 83; in 1950 it was less than 69. For many, taking it easy after a long, challenging career sounds just fine, but some are choosing semi-retirement instead.

What Is Semi-Retirement?

In a word, semi-retirement means transitioning out of a traditional, full-time career and into either a part-time job or volunteer position.

The median retirement age in Canada is sixty-one, which means many Canadians are spending over twenty years in retirement on average. That’s a long time, so it’s no surprise that 65 per cent of these retirees are working part-time. In addition to that, 36 per cent of Canadians aged sixty-five to seventy-four are working full-time, and 13 per cent over seventy-five are also working.

What Are the Benefits of Semi-Retirement?

Many Canadians choose to do so for a number of reasons. Some may still want some extra income for financial security while others are seeking a less demanding schedule to work on projects they’re passionate about that gives them a sense of satisfaction and purpose.

A recent report from the National Institute of Aging found that nearly 80 per cent of Canadians aged fifty-five to sixty-nine are worried about their finances. With age expectancies and retirement costs trending upwards, many seniors are looking for a source of income.

The benefit of semi-retirement is that it can provide an income for those who want to still work but are looking for a slower pace. Semi-retirement gives seniors the flexibility to approach their work-life with more intentionality. A recent survey found that working adults aged eighteen and older would take part in semi-retirement if offered by their employer, transitioning into a consulting role with flexible or reduced hours.

It can be beneficial to employers as well who are struggling to fill job vacancies in this labour market presently struggling with a shortage of workers.

Semi-retirement can also be a health benefit for people who struggle to have an identity outside their careers. Part-time work offers seniors social engagement and physical activity, which are good for mental and physical health.

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