Store Management and Customer Acquisition

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

While that might be true in some cases, it might not be for your retail store.

It takes about 90 seconds of initial viewing before people make a subconscious judgment about your product.

You want to ensure your customers spend those sacred 90 seconds forming a positive impression of your brand.

Otherwise, it’s easy for customers to leave your store without even giving your products a chance.

But how can you ensure that you capitalize on that small window of time?

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind.

Proper Merchandising Management

A proper merchandising management strategy evaluates the buying habits of your customers to ensure that you’re carrying the right items, displaying the items in a way that’s easy for customers to discover, and carrying adequate inventory.

This helps make your store more efficient to shop in and ensures that each step of the customer’s in-store journey, from the minute they step into your store to the minute they walk out, is optimized to convert them into loyal customers.

In-Store Displays and Visibility

Humans are naturally attracted to beauty.

Your customers want to see a store that is clean and visually pleasing. Otherwise, they might turn around.

Make sure that your storefront, dressing rooms, washrooms, and shelves are polished.

The in-store displays at the front of your store should be artistically arranged. Consider placing items that you want to promote at the front of your store so customers can see those items first.

Also, consider the overall environment you’re providing your customers to shop in. Do you have enough signage for each section of your store? Can customers easily find what they want? Are your lighting, technology, and music adequate?

A Good Customer Service Team

Store management is as much about the store itself as it’s about the people running the store.

33% of consumers will consider switching companies after a single bad customer service experience.

Customers are looking for a personalized and friendly customer service experience that helps address their questions and concerns.

You can also consider implementing in-store brand ambassador programs to help advocate for your brand in front of customers to ensure customers have a positive experience.

At Storesupport, we want to support your store management and customer acquisition process. We offer several in-store solutions, such as merchandising management, retail audits, people support, and outsourced store management, to ensure you always convert visitors into loyal customers.

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