Storesupport Collaborates with Repsly to Discuss Merchandising Challenges

Merchandising drives higher profits, more satisfied shoppers, faster inventory turnover, and increased brand loyalty and recognition.

We could go on and on about the importance of merchandising, but the bottom line is that merchandising is needed to drive value.

But when the world has been on strict lockdowns and restrictions for almost two years, it can be challenging to rebuild your merchandising team back up to pre-pandemic levels.

In the current merchandising world, CPG teams face:

  • Higher turnover rates.
  • Challenges with finding experienced field workers and staying connected to them throughout the day.
  • Hiring more and onboarding new hires using outdated systems or no technology at all.

If you’re experiencing any of these difficulties, rest assured that you don’t have to face these challenges alone.

We understand that finding qualified workers can be hard because we want field workers with prior merchandising experience that can help our customers improve their store results.

Since talent is scarce, a modern retail execution platform is incredibly important to help CPG teams create a seamless onboarding process that can get merchandising teams on the field quickly and easily.

For example, it used to take us about two weeks or longer before switching to Repsly to get someone on board and ready to become an integral part of the merchandising team.

Good technology software can also help reps build a team environment of open communication.

Field reps and merchandising teams can often feel isolated and confused, especially since we serve a large area and our reps are often left on their own.

We noticed that overcommunicating during this time helps field reps become more comfortable leading on their own. A modern and user-friendly retail execution platform can help leaders communicate better with their field reps to provide as much support and guidance as needed.

Most importantly, a modern retail execution platform helps us improve the efficiency of our work, which is especially important when our resources are stretched thin.

Field reps and merchandising teams can easily optimize travel routes, digitalize operations, and receive insights on shelf conditions and product displays. It helps them work faster and more accurately to catch errors and make improvements to ensure companies get the value they pay for in-store.

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At Storesupport, we’re committed to helping companies with inventory management, compliance, store displays, and more. Our field reps have extensive experience to ensure your products are reaching the hands of your customers.

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