The Power of Influence – How Brand Ambassador Programs Can Help Independent Retailers Sell More of Your Products

Retailers may not have enough time and manpower to ensure that your products are stocked, priced, and displayed correctly.

So, what do you do?

We suggest taking control of your brand’s in-store merchandising in your hands.

In addition to ensuring your products are correctly positioned in the store – you can also use this opportunity to communicate with the consumers. Many consumers research products online and ask questions from store staff before purchasing a product.

.. and who knows your brand better than you?

This is where you can leverage the power of influence. You can create brand ambassador programs to share your message, humanize your brand, and give accurate information to the customers.

Who Are Your Brand Ambassadors?

This is a broad term. Broadly speaking, a brand ambassador is anyone who you select to represent your brand and its associated products and services.

While what comes to mind when we talk about brand ambassadors are celebrities and influencers – your employees and even your customers can be your ambassadors.

The core idea is to use word of mouth and face-to-face interactions to communicate directly with your audience and increase brand visibility – and consequently sales. This is why it is absolutely essential that your brand ambassadors have in-depth knowledge of your brand’s voice and personality.

We, at Storesupport, can help you develop tailored in-store ambassador programs.

Take the Power of Influence in Your Hands

When you’re working with independent retailers, they may not have the resources to focus specifically on your brand – so, you have to take control.

Research and case studies show that in-store and online brand advocacy from staff increases brand love.

See the example of Starbucks. Influencer Marketing Hub shares how the brand’s employees promote the company socially. These employees are called Starbucks Partners.

Former Starbucks CEO, Howard Shultzs, aptly says that employees are ‘the real merchants of romance’ and ‘primary catalysts for delighting customers.’

Having employees at the forefront has enabled the brand to create viral campaigns and have thousands of followers on Starbucks Partners social channels.

What’s in it For You?

Quite a few benefits, we would say!

Brand ambassadors can educate your customers and retailers.

They can deliver personalized in-store experiences. When the customer knows more about your product and has a positive interaction, they will be more inclined to select it over other alternatives available in the store.

Similarly, when the retailer knows more, they can share their knowledge with their customers. So, it’s a win-win situation for you!

Additionally, there are some products where there are restrictions on marketing – such as tobacco, vape, alcohol, and marijuana products. So, here brand ambassadors can help educate your customers about your products.

For instance, we recently facilitated a brand in educating convenience and gas store franchise owners about their tobacco products and shared information that was helpful for customers.

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