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Types of Products Featured in Tryal

Tryal FAQs

How do the products get to me?

You will receive your product samples delivered to your door at no cost to you.

What kind of products will be sent as samples?

There will be various products to sample and may include health & beauty, hygiene, skin care, vitamins & supplements, food, snacks, and beverages (non-alcoholic).

How often will I receive samples?

Based on your feedback you will receive 4-6 sample boxes throughout the year.

Why are these products free?

We want your feedback about the products you sample by answering a few questions about the products provided. Simply tap with your smartphone on the tap card provided in the box and answer the questions about the products you have sampled.


Is the survey mandatory?

The survey is not mandatory. However, we really want to hear from you about your experience with the products you tried.


An Amazing Partnership

Marketsupport and Jones Healthcare joined forces to bring you this amazing program.

About Jones Healthcare Group

Jones Healthcare Group is a world-class provider of progressive packaging and medication dispensing solutions. For over a century the company’s partnerships, knowledge, and expertise across healthcare sectors have provided insights and opportunities for clients in response to evolving market needs.

About Marketsupport Canada

Marketsupport Canada is a Canadian-owned and operated organization that works with brands, manufacturers, and retailers throughout Canada, supporting them in creating a better experience for the consumer, thus increasing brand loyalty and ROI.