Video eCommerce Redefines Online Connectivity

When you think about going digital, you probably think of companies that use eCommerce or social media platforms to post content.

However, with the rise of different social platforms and the features existing within those platforms, the opportunities to optimize those capabilities are endless.

One of these opportunities is to leverage shoppable live streams.

A shoppable live stream is a live stream where brands can showcase buyable products on the stream and direct customers to where they can purchase without leaving the live stream app.

Think about those shopping channels you used to see on TV where you can purchase the advertised product by calling the number on-screen.

A shoppable live stream takes that concept to the next level by making it even more convenient and accessible for customers to shop.

Let’s look at an example of where this new eCommerce idea is introduced.

TikTok and Walmart announced a new deal last year where TikTok users can view live stream videos of Walmart products and be able to buy the product directly from the TikTok app.

The first shoppable live stream Walmart hosted increased the retailer’s TikTok presence by 25% and had seven times as many views as they anticipated.

A report from Coresight indicates that 60% of social media users integrate social platforms into their shopping process.

They also estimate that live streaming will be a top trend for brands in 2021, with the market expected to reach $25 billion by 2023.

For brands looking for unique and fun opportunities to sell and communicate with customers, shoppable live streams seem to be the way to go.

Before you jump onto the boat of shoppable live streams, consider these tips.

Focus on the People

When you’re on social media, it’s tempting to appear cool and flashy.

But at the end of the day, you’re not just selling your products on the live stream. You’re selling your brand.

Your viewers are looking for good substance and compelling points that bring out the highlights of each product you’re selling.

Think About the Platforms You Use

TikTok is a popular social platform, but it’s not the only one. Facebook, Amazon, and other platforms also let you live stream.

Experiment to see which platforms are the most popular among your audience and focus on building a good audience presence on those specific platforms rather than trying to be online everywhere.

Have Real Conversations

A live stream is a two-way conversation you’re having with your viewers. They can ask questions and react to what you’re saying in real-time.

Take the time to address their concerns, ask them if they have any questions, and have an engaging conversation with them.

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