What Do You Think About the New Walmart AI Technology?

One of the hottest developments in retail recently has been the new Walmart AI technology designed to fight empty shelves.

Walmart worked with Focal Systems to develop a system that uses cameras that automatically detect when a product is out of stock or running low. Cameras are pointed at shelves, scanning them at established intervals. When the system detects that a product needs replenishing, it alerts Walmart employees.

Walmart Canada is beginning to roll out the technology nationally after a pilot program featuring 70 stores.

Breakthrough Technology or Big Brother?

While the new Walmart AI technology offers a lot of potential for brands to ensure their products are on the shelves, as well as helping reduce frustration for customers, there has been some negative reaction on the internet.

One user on TikTok posted a video entitled “Big Brother is Watching,” showing cameras lining a Walmart’s ceiling. The video states that “hundreds of cameras feed over 1.7 terabytes of data per second to Walmart’s new AI system.”

Some Reddit users in r/walmart also question the system’s feasibility. One user wondered how soon until Walmart decided “this is a waste of money like the Pick Up Towers and the robots.”

Nonetheless, as Emily Crowe points out, AI technology, machine learning, and data are becoming a necessity as customers are expecting frictionless experiences. AI systems are crucial because they connect the dots between what’s happening on the floor and why, so companies can create seamless shopping experiences.

With regard to balancing privacy concerns and AI-powered video solutions will continue to be a work in progress, explains Fred Streefland, Director of Cybersecurity and Privacy at Hikvision, a leading company in AIoT.

This challenge will require “compliant data management practices, solutions that are ‘secure-by-design’, and partnerships with security-conscious installers and manufacturers.”

Leverage AI Technology

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