What You Need to Know About Contactless Pickup

Even before the pandemic hit last year, contactless pickup options, such as curbside pickup, were already available for shoppers online and in-store shoppers.

However, curbside pickup became the only method for customers to receive their in-store items once social distancing and in-store restrictions came more than a year ago.

85% of shoppers have increased the use of curbside pickup since the COVID-19 pandemic started, and 79% of shoppers say a contactless store pickup option is very important for their purchasing decision.

And although there are many other options for customers to receive their retail items, using curbside pickup was the preferred method.

Walmart, one of the largest retailers, started to slow down operations of their automated pickup towers across North America in favour of more curbside pickup availability.

Curbside pickup provides shoppers with the option to quickly pick up their items without stepping into a crowded store or paying the shipping fees that can be expensive.

Because curbside pickup has become one of the most relied upon methods for stores and customers to maintain a relationship, it’s important to get it right.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when implementing curbside pickup.

Make sure inventory shows in real-time

The one thing more frustrating than seeing your favourite products out of stock is probably finding out it’s no longer available when you arrive for curbside pickup.

Retailers must update their inventory levels in real-time so customers can be informed when making a purchase and not have their time wasted.

Provide easy to follow signage and instructions

Whether it’s on the store website, the order confirmation email, or in the parking lot of the store, you should provide clear instructions for curbside pickup.

Every store will have slightly different instructions and requirements for curbside pickup, so customers need to be aware of the procedures.

Make the experience quick and convenient for customers

Whether it’s adequate instructions or curbside pickup location, think about the process that your customers will go through and think of ways to make the experience a quick and easy one.

For example, have the curbside pickup parking spots right in front of the store. This makes it faster for employees to deliver items.

If you have a big enough parking lot, consider having many curbside pickup spots available for customers, so they don’t have to wait.

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