Why is Brand Management More Important Today Than Ever?

Change disrupts.

Though, it is also a time that enables you to go beyond tried-and-tested strategies. It challenges brands to think outside the box and find new ways to connect with their customers.

Effective brand management allows your customers to recognize, remember and choose your products.

… and today, this is more important than ever.

During times like these, the impression your business leaves on the customer is the impression that will stay with them (for a while).

Companies that stepped up and took decisions to help those around them and their wider community, saw a positive impact on their brand reputation. Similarly, those companies that were honest in their communications, gained support from their customers.

For instance, Labatt Breweries repurposed their alcohol-manufacturing capabilities to make hand sanitizer. Their message to their community was simple – “it’s in our hands to make a difference”.

Similarly, Unilever Canada donated food, soap, personal hygiene, and home cleaning products (worth $3m) to charitable organizations in need.

Many other companies used their resources to help too.

While playing a role in helping the community and repurposing production capabilities are big initiatives, businesses can start with smaller initiatives too.

The key is to understand their customers and their evolving preferences, behaviours, and buying habits.

Some key changes seen in consumer behaviour include:

  • Consumers seem to be returning to broadcast, cable television, and other premium media sources for credible information. So, this is a channel that brands can leverage.
  • Demand for e-commerce is rising. Consumers have moved 5 years forward in the adoption of digital in just eight weeks.
  • More consumers are opting for frictionless payment systems due to health and safety concerns.

While some of these preferences are temporary, others aren’t. So, it’s important to understand where these preferences stem from and ensure that your brand effectively communicates through all touchpoints and channels.

Lastly, lockdowns and similar restrictions have shown us how important it is to localize our marketing and sales efforts.

As messages may be slightly different in different provinces, depending on the measures they have in place, having local brand ambassadors can help. This is particularly true if you’re manufacturing an essential item that may seem quite similar to a competitor’s product.

Brand ambassadors can communicate directly with your audience, increase brand visibility, and address brand related questions.

At Storesupport, we support your brand management initiatives by providing in-store support such as product placement, displays, and access to brand ambassadors.

Contact us to learn how you can strengthen your brand presence across Canada today. Call 1-877-421-5081 or visit www.storesupport.ca.

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