Working With Brand Ambassadors to Create Authentic Connections

The idea of working with brand ambassadors may conjure images of celebrities or social media influencers, but that’s not always the case. Brand ambassadors are simply representatives appointed by the company to support and promote the brand’s goals and identity in a variety of methods and channels. They can be experts, influencers, customers, or employees; there are no formal qualifications or requirements for the brand ambassador role.

Why Should You Be Working With Brand Ambassadors?

Working with brand ambassadors offers a valuable, human touch to marketing. Research from the Digital Marketing Institute shows that nearly 75 per cent of people rely on their social networks to inform their purchases. Customers crave authentic human interaction, and brands can oftentimes feel faceless and impersonal. Working with brand ambassadors will bridge this gap, especially if they already have an audience.

More than 80 per cent of people buy something based on a referral—even if they don’t personally know the person. Further, customers acquired through referrals have a nearly 40 per cent higher retention rate and a 16 per cent higher lifetime value than non-referred customers.

What Makes Good Brand Ambassadors?

Expanding on the idea of authentic, human connecting, buyers specifically seek advice from industry experts and peers the most. Good brand ambassadors can be both at the same time. They can effectively communicate how they found success with the brand’s products from an authentic, personal perspective. Their testimonials feel honest and genuinely enthusiastic.

Brand ambassadors can demonstrate and encourage customers to engage with products, whether in a store, at an event or trade/consumer show, or in any area where your consumers are located.

For example, Lululemon partners with many yoga instructors and elite athletes to promote their activewear. Going a step further, they also partner with people who work hard as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, public speaker, etc. They’re looking for people who exemplify community and hard work. As such, Lululemon has been able to expand beyond just yoga gear and into everyday, alethic-casual wear.

In fact, Lululemon has over 1,500 brand ambassadors. This may not be the ideal model for your brand, but it shows a brand ambassador program doesn’t have to be limited to ultra-famous celebrities. Brands can use numerous micro and middle influencers to great effect.

The goal when working with brand ambassadors is to find individuals who can connect you with new communities and customers. As Lululemon describes on their website: “Everything we do starts with authentic relationships…When you’re an ambassador, you’re not just a partner, you’re an extension of our brand and an inspiration to our guests.”

We Can Help

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