A Tobacco Brand Trying to Get Canadians Off Cigarettes: Rothmans Benson and Hedges is our Canadian Retailer of the Month.

When we think of innovation, we think of doing something completely outside of the box – new and innovative. Rothmans Benson and Hedges exemplifies.

You likely know the brand as being a famous Canadian tobacco brand. Think Benson and Hedges Symphony of Fire. If you are Torontonian, you know the reference.

As we all know cigarettes cause cancer, make millions sick and cause hundreds of thousands of deaths annually. This is because tobacco is laden with carcinogens (cancer causing substances). Rothmans Benson and Hedges realized that they needed to innovate, but not only did they innovate, they made their innovation part of an organizational mandate.

Nicotine addiction is real. Rothmans Benson and Hedges came up with an alternative product for smokers that is a nicotine based vape, and that does not contain the carcinogens found in cigarettes.

The mandate you ask? To see Canadian’s say goodbye to cigarettes altogether by 2035.

Who would have ever thought that a tobacco brand would pursue such an initiative. Makes sense though considering the explosion in the use of vapes globally as an alternative to cigarettes.

In addition, the company is constantly making waves standing up for Canadians and for equality, even within their own organization.

From culture to consciousness to innovation Rothmans Benson and Hedges is a brand to watch.

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