Tips for Manufacturers for Preserving Brand Loyalty at Retail in Canada

There is no doubt that Canadians are counting their dollars and cents more than ever, especially with an inflation rate that hasn’t given them a chance to breath. Add to that new taxation impacting the cost of everything. From home heating to gasoline, consumers have been forced to separate wants from needs. That places you in a tough position where brand loyalty is concerned because, in some cases, brands have entered a Game of Thrones level of price wars.

Especially in a climate where consumers are being very cost conscious, as a recent study highlighted, not only can you count on brand loyalty for MRR but existing customers spend 67% more than new ones.

We have written extensively on the topic of whether customer service truly is dead and how bad service at point of purchase is damaging not only to retailers but to the brands that are listed there. It just so happens customer service and customer experience work hand-in-hand with loyalty.

So, besides dropping your pants on price – how can you compete in a price wars climate? By improving customer experience, service and accessibility to your products.

Make Life Easy

If it is a hassle to find your products in store, or your products are not on the shelf, these are two of the fastest ways to shift brand loyalty because you force your customer to consider something else.

Make Sure You Actually Give Them a Break

When you promote sales ensure your pricing is up to date and skews are in place. Taking advantage of your sale should not lead to confusion or delays at checkout. This is not to mention, if your prices do not reflect the sale beyond sacrificing brand loyalty, you break trust and reputation with your customer.


Your overall appearance at retail translates directly to your brand image. Your customer doesn’t care that the retailer was the reason your product wasn’t on the shelf. All they know is that your product is not a reliable component of their shopping list.

So, what do you do? Invest in merchandising. You wouldn’t believe how many manufacturers we meet who cheap out on merchandising, while others invest in their merchandising and achieve sales two to three times their expectations (and we have case studies to prove it). Ensure you have something behind the retailer that enables products to be represented at retail the way they should be.

What many organizations do that don’t have national teams is align with a retail merchandising company that visits the stores they are listed in. For example, Marketsupport frequently visits Walmart, Loblaws, Metro and other major national retail chains. That enables you to incur less overhead to ensure product is in stock, on the shelf, priced properly and where it should be.

As a manufacturer the only way to preserve brand loyalty at retail is to control it. We hope you have found this blog helpful and, if you would like more information about how to augment your merchandising at retail, please visit

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